Guaranteed short-term rent

Short-term guarantee*

Guaranteed payment.

We guarantee non-payment of temporary rental income for 12 monthly payments (not indefinite) and with a non-renewable contract.

Legal defense.

We will take care of all court costs arising from the non-payment claim: court fees, powers of attorney, attorneys, solicitor and locksmithing in case of launch.

Damages due to acts of vandalism.

We compensate acts of vandalism to the property up to €3,000, without excess.

Protection against the occupation.

We're going to be in charge of all the legal processes against the illegal occupants who have incurred your property for the next three months when the guarantee of rent finishes.

Product not suitable for tourist or holiday rental


Example of Rater

Rent of €600 (€7.200 / year)
From 3,5% =  from €252 / year

*This same price applies to stores, offices, warehouses, garages, and plots.