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We are the first national business of legal services specialized in non-payment of ren

SEAG is the acronym of SOCIEDAD ESPAÑOLA DE ALQUILER GARANTIZADO, the first national business of legal services specialized in non-payment of rent, guaranteeing undefined rent payments. 

SEAG was born in 2014 out of necessity to protect the uncertainty of the property owners unprotected by the unfavorable legislation of nowadays.

The big crisis that plunged Spain in 2008 aggravated this situation, and it had its worst consequences in 2012, generating economic instability and, consequently, high unemployment rates and labor insecurity.

Today, the company keeps growing, especially after the 2020’s pandemic, when the non-payment of rent cases have been rising.

Protect the profitability of your heritage with SEAG

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Generate protection at
owner and have a rent
sure, dynamizing the
rental market.

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Be the benchmark services company referring to the national scope, offering the best service to owners with our alternative to rental insurance:
Guarantee undefined

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Personalized service,
legal security,
effectiveness and performance
from our team

Our team

News for a safe rental

Afilia annual gala

SEAG attends the annual Afilia Gala and Trainera Awards 202 held in Cantabria
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Afilia Training in Cantabria

SEAG participates in the Afilia Inmobiliarias training sessions in Cantabria
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Fai Conecta 2023

SEAG participates as collaborator and sponsor of the event Fai Conecta 2023 in Granada.
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Home Meeting Mallorca

Ivan and Carlos from SEAG were present at this event celebrated at balearic islands.
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FAQs Housing Law

We resolve your doubts about the new housing law in Spain with this page of FAQs.
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Comparative web sponsorship

SEAG sponsors a comparative website between the best rental insurance in Spain.
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OPINIONS of owners with unpaid rent

Antonio Lázaro

By Link

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your coverage during all this time. I humbly admit to having openly distrusted you, at the beginning of the whole process. I couldn't be more wrong and, for that, I beg your pardon.

Jesús Plaza

By Link

The truth is that I'm very satisfied with the work they have done. They are effective, transparent and give a lot of confidence. They take care of everything and are very quick to answer any questions that may have arisen. Thanks to Raúl's work and the entire SEAG's team.

Verónica Plaza Díaz

By Link

This company is highly recommended as they make things easier. They are legal and quick when it comes to managing things/incidents. I would not recommend any other company, ONLY this one. I collaborate with them and any question, doubt or management by the clients, they solve it immediately, both by phone, email and in person.

María Macías Domínguez

By Link

I had a good experience with the people who helped us throughout the tenant's non-payment process. The management has been faster than initially expected, and the payment of the monthly payment has been punctual, just perfect.

Sixto Molina

By Link

My opinion of SEAG is a good one. When the tenants stopped paying my rent, I contacted SEAG. They have always been very attentive, receiving information about the entire process, so they gave me a lot of peace of mind. Also, they paid me my monthly rent when the tenants didn't do it. I recommended it to a relative.

Pedro García Giron

By Link

Happy with the company. They have covered me every month of non-payment. The only problemas was certain damage that they have not covered, because in front of a judge, it would not cover it. But despite that, I am happy for all the attention.

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