PERFORMANCES better than a rental insurance

Payment guaranteed.
We guarantee the monthly payment of your rent until you recover your property, with a waiting period of one month, and without waiting for a sentence.
Legal defense.
We’re going to take on all the procedures and we’re going to compensate for any legal costs derived from a non-payment claim: powers of attorney, lawyers, attorney, notifications, legal costs, and locksmithing in case of launching.
Damages caused by vandalism.
We compensate damages caused by acts of vandalism in your rented property, entirely up to 3.000€, from the first euro, contrary to rental insurance that imposes exceptions.
Protection against the occupation.
We're going to be in charge of all the legal processes against the illegal occupants who have incurred your property for the next three months when the guarantee finishes.

*This coverage operation denominated INDEFINID GUARANTY does not have a legal nature of insurances operation, being that SEAG is not an insurance company, it is a lender of legal services and renting guaranty, so it is not supervised by the General Direction of Insurance and Pension Funds.
500 € monthly rent (6.000 € / year)
Starting at 3% = starting at 180 € per year

* The same rates apply to stores, offices, warehouses, garages, and plots.
WE ALSO GUARANTEE stores, offices, warehouses, garages, and plots
Ensure the collection of your rent
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