PERFORMANCES better than a rental insurance

Collection guaranteed.
Monthy payment of your rent guaranteed until you recover your property, with 1 month waiting period, without waiting for decisions.
Legal defense.
We will take on all the procedures and we will compensate any legal costs deriving from a non-payment claim: powers of attorney, lawyers, solicitors, notifications, legal costs and locksmithing in case of launching.
Damages caused by vandalism.
We compensate damages caused by acts of vandalism in your rented property entirely up to 3.000 €, from the first euro, contrary to a rental insurance that impose exceptions.

*Aquesta operació de cobertura denominada GARANTÍA INDEFINIDA no té naturalesa jurídica d'operació d'assegurances, sent que SEAG S.A no és una companyia asseguradora sinó una prestadora de serveis jurídics i garanties de lloguer, i per tant, no està supervisada per la Direcció General de Assegurances i Fons de Pensions.
500 € monthly rent (6.000 € / year)
Starting at 3% = starting at 180 € per year

* The same rates are applicable to stores, offices, warehouses, garages and smallholdings.
WE ALSO GUARANTEE premises, offices, warehouses, garages
and plots
Ensure the collection of your rent
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de 10:00 a 18:00
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