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Punctual payment (with retribution)

SEAG pays to the property owner the 1st day of each month – pay or not your tenant – and the tenant will be charged on days 5.

This additional benefit now has the option of retribution, what means that those collaborators who are in charge of the Guarantee payment can recover the cost in monthly payments. For example:

  • Rent of €600.
  • Retribution of the cost of the Guarantee in €60/month.
  • SEAG pays the first day of the month to the property owner €540.
  • SEAG charges the tenant the 5th day of the month €600.
  • SEAG pays the 15th day of the month to the collaborator €60.

This product will have include the additional benefit «Plus» with any cost.

The collaborator who are in charge of the cost of the Guarantee, when they contract the «Puntual Payment», they may split the payment without the additional cost of €70 for contracting the Installment payment.