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We are the first national business of legal services specialized in non-payment of ren

SEAG is the acronym of SOCIEDAD ESPAÑOLA DE ALQUILER GARANTIZADO, the first national business of legal services specialized in non-payment of rent, guaranteeing undefined rent payments. 

SEAG was born in 2014 out of necessity to protect the uncertainty of the property owners unprotected by the unfavorable legislation of nowadays.

The big crisis that plunged Spain in 2008 aggravated this situation, and it had its worst consequences in 2012, generating economic instability and, consequently, high unemployment rates and labor insecurity.

Today, the company keeps growing, especially after the 2020’s pandemic, when the non-payment of rent cases have been rising.

Protect the profitability of your heritage with SEAG

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Generate protection at
owner and have a rent
sure, dynamizing the
rental market.

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Be the benchmark services company referring to the national scope, offering the best service to owners with our alternative to rental insurance:
Guarantee undefined

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Personalized service,
legal security,
effectiveness and performance
from our team

Our team

News for a safe rental

New videoblogs

SEAG publishes new videos on its youtube channel about how to have a rental guaranteed.
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SEAG’s christmas lunch

SEAG's Barcelona team celebrates the holidays in a restaurant in Santa Coloma de Gramenet.
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Newsletter SEAG

SEAG starts to send a monthly newsletter about the rental market and news about the company.
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Advertising in Páginas del Asón

Free newspaper of Cantabría Oriental in which SEAG published an advertising about its punctual payment.
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SEAG at the M2 radio show

SEAG participates in the M2 radio show of Immosomni, a FAI's real estate agency.
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IV editions of Fai Conecta

SEAG participates and becomes present at the Fai Conecta event at its IV edition in Cadiz.
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OPINIONS of owners with unpaid rent

David Serrano Perales

By Link

We're very happy with you.

Antonio García

By Link

Everything is right, any complaints.

Francisco Gil Sanz

By Link

SEAG is phenomenal. I'm going to renew with you because you resolved all my problems.

Eva Lucchesi

By Link

Very contented and thankful. Laura's attention is exceptional.

Beatriz Polo

By Link

As a collaborator, I have seen the magnificent work they do giving security to my clients as owners of the properties they guarantee. Keep going.

Juan Carlos Fdz Mtn

By Link

Good job recovering the house. Although the launch has been greatly delayed due to the pandemic. Of course, they have faithfully complied with the payment of the rent.

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