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general information
If it is the first time you contact us, connect to the control unit.

672 250 870

You can check your nearest office. Locate your office.
customer Support
If you already have a guarantee contracted.

672 608 537

You can check the FAQ section. Frequent questions.
incidents and legal department
To report a default or if you already have an open file.

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You can consult legal information. legal frequently asked questions.
attention to the collaborator
If you are a collaborator or wish to collaborate with SEAG, you can contact your commercial manager and, failing that, the central office.

672 250 866

If you wish to collaborate with us, fill in the form: colaborate with us.
support studies
If you want to know the status of a managed study or provide new documentation, you can contact your commercial manager, agency or failing to contact the office staff.

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672 250 866
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