COLLABORATE with the alternative to rental insurance

Do you work in the housing sector?
We provide you a wide range of services and proposals for partnership for you to speed up and boost your business.
we expand your portfolio of properties to rent
We propose our partnership plan for your company. We have clients (owners) who rely on our Guarantee to calmly rent their properties. Sometimes these properties require a sales manager to find a tenant. Then SEAG, with no extra cost for you, will propose your services to our clients for them to manage their properties.
SEAG offers to refer you,
all those owners
who wish to find a tenant.
what is our business?
Make guarantees of benefits to our clients (owners) in the face of defaults from their tenants. For this reason, we are interested in companies like yours managing the rental of our clients.
collaboration registration
We facilitate enrollment in our network of collaborators through In this way, our zone consultant will contact your company to expand more information.


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